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The Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم ) said: “One who treads a path in search of knowledge has his path to Paradise made easy by Allah…”

Riyadh us-Saleheen, 245

Praying In Mosque
Arabic Lessons



Quench your passion for knowledge

Aalim studies is a comprehensive program for boys and girls that are held separately. This program focuses on in-depth study of the following topics:

  • Tasheel Un-Nahw

  • Tasheel As-Sarf

  • Sirah

  • Tafseer-Al-Quran

  • Hadith Methodology

  • Fiqh

  • Contemporary Issues in Religion

Koran Lessons


Prepare for the quest

  • This is a preparatory course for students who want to pursue Aalim / Aalimah courses. This course teaches foundation subjects that form preliminary introductions to more important and concepts of Aalim courses. These include:

  • Quranic Reading

  • Memorization of Quran

  • Five sets of books:

  1. Fiqh

  2. Tehreek

  3. Sirah

  4. Hadith

  5. Aadaab (Manners) and Akhlaaq (Character)

  • Duas

For more information on our courses, rates and availability, feel free to contact us.

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