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O my Lord! Increase me in Knowledge.

[Surah Ta-Ha; 20:114]



Ar-Raheem Academy is a full-time Islamic School with a unique curriculum, with focus on individual development of students both in Islamic education and General education. We are the only Islamic school in New England that combines both Islamic education with general curriculum. We tailor our programs to fit needs of each student, and monitor progress of students on a daily basis to focus on their individual needs. 


Our singular mission is to help train next generation of Huffaz and Ulema, that can be the torch bearers for muslim population of entire New England region. We bring the required passion and skills to our mission and with the help of Allah (SWT), we intend to fulfill the dire need of qualified Huffaz and Islamic scholars for the region.


Ar-Raheem Academy is committed to adhering to the following values while imparting education:

  • Focus on Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his companions in spheres of teaching and learning.

  • Recognize and celebrate individual strengths of each student.

  • Inculcating essential faith (Imaan) and good manners (Akhlaaq)

  • Spiritual growth and development of personal faith.

  • Academic Excellence in both general and religious education.

  • A positive learning environment.

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