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New Location

207 pleasant st. Marlborough MA 01752

The total cost of the new building (including minimal renovations) is $4.5 Million Dollars, out of which we have been able to raise $3 Million thus far. We have 4 months to raise the balance with the will of Allah. We need your help, support and Duas.

Need $1,500,000


The prophet Muhammad (وسلم وآله عليه هللا صىل) said: "one who treads a path in search of knowledge has his path to paradise made easy by Allah... " Riyadh us-saleheen, 245

About Us

Ar-Raheem Academy (Darul Uloom Boston) was launched in the summer of 2016 is a full-time Islamic School with a unique curriculum, with focus on individual development of students both in Islamic education and General education. We are the only Islamic school in New England that combines both Islamic education with general curriculum. We tailor our programs to fit needs of each student, and monitor progress of students on a daily basis to focus on their individual needs.

Currently, 50 + students in hifz and Aalimah classes alone. In 2022, expected enrollment over 100 students and 20 teachers. In 5 years, it is expected to enroll the largest number of students and teachers on the east coast. Unfortunately, the current facility cannot accommodate the growing numbers.

Future Location Details

  • Land area: 2.4 acres 

  • Living space: 38k sq ft

  • Masjid hall: 8k sq feet

  • No. of buildings: 3

  • No. of elevators: 2

  • No. of classrooms: 50

  • No. of bathrooms: 30

  • No of kitchens: 3

  • No. of parking spaces: 21

  • Other key areas includes:

  • Residential space

  • Library

  • Outdoor play area

  • Indoor play area

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