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Calm Lake

Asalam Alaikum. I am the parent of a student at Araheem Academy. I’m taking this opportunity to write about the school and how it is beneficial for our kids in this dunya and the akhira. We all see where the world is heading, so to put your child in an Islamic school like Araheem Academy is good for your child. It is also a good Islamic environment and brings your child close to Allah. As a parent I feel like my child is treated well and is in a safe place because the teachers care for the students and the children are all together.


The Islamic education helps my child understand the religion and to behave in a nice way. I encourage every parent to bring their kids. It will really help them in the future. I took my child for the sake of Allah and it has put my heart at ease. This institution cares about Islam and does not discriminate against any child because of race. All the children are there with the primary goal of achieving the love and
understanding of Deen.

Zainab Nabawanuka
Parent of Hifz Student

Calm Lake

As a parent of both a current and ex-student of Ar-Raheem Academy I can confidently say that this institution provides an exceptional learning experience for its students. Ar-Raheem Academy places great emphasis on Islamic values, academic excellence, and personal development, preparing students well for the challenges of the real world. The school's academic standards are high, and the teachers are experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated. They use effective teaching methods to help students understand complex concepts, and they are always available to provide assistance and guidance when needed. The curriculum is comprehensive and provides a solid foundation for further studies.

Moreover, the school's emphasis on character building and Islamic values has been invaluable for both my current and ex-student child. The teachers and staff at the school instill in students the importance of honesty, integrity, and respect for others, helping them develop a strong moral compass. This approach fosters a sense of responsibility and accountability among students, which is an essential life skill.

For current students, the school offers a range of extracurricular activities, including sports, arts, and community service. These activities help students develop relevant skills, interests, and well-rounded personalities. For my ex-student child, the school's extracurricular activities provided valuable experiences and opportunities to explore interests and develop leadership and teamwork skills.

In conclusion, Ar-Raheem Academy is an excellent institution that provides a comprehensive education while also nurturing Islamic values and character. As a parent of both a current and ex-student, I highly recommend this school to anyone seeking a well-rounded education that emphasizes academic excellence and character development.

Atifa Farheen

Calm Lake

We are truly thankful to Allah for providing us with a madrasah nearby and for accepting our children as students at this blessed madrasah. In such a country and at such a time, the staff works to support these children in becoming students of knowledge. They are able to learn this knowledge along with their secular studies and they are able to continue their social relationships with their fellow classmates and their teachers.

Shahida Ali

Calm Lake

Ar-Raheem academy has a huge impact on our son’s education and life as well. The teachers are very competent and knowledgeable. They spend a good amount of time guiding the kids doing their schoolwork while teaching them how to be responsible and resilient.

My son also learned a lot in the Islamic studies class. Starting from learning verses of Quran and Dua; to learning more about the faith and the prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Now more than ever he can embrace the meaning of being a Muslim. I’m so grateful and appreciative for all the staff at AR-Raheem and so proud to see my son engaging in prayers and Islamic manners at a young age.

Muhammad Eyad’s Parent

Calm Lake

The Ar Rahim Academy in MA is an exceptional educational institution that offers an enriching and nurturing learning environment for students. As a parent, you can rest assured that your daughter will receive a well-rounded education that not only focuses on academics but also emphasizes Islamic values and teachings. With highly qualified teachers who are passionate about teaching and dedicated to their students' success, your daughter will have access to an
excellent education that will help her develop academically, socially, and spiritually. Additionally, the school provides a diverse and inclusive community where students can learn and grow in a safe and supportive environment.


Overall, the Islamic School of Ar Rahim Academy is an excellent choice for parents who are seeking a top-notch education for their daughters while instilling strong Islamic values in them.

Firojkhan Pathan

Calm Lake

As a parent, I highly recommend this school to all parents looking to enroll their children in a solid foundation for both Deen & Academics.
Both my boys are attending the school and they really enjoy being there every day. All staff members and teachers are kind, always encouraging kids to learn more in a fun environment. I definitely noticed my son's improvement since he starts attending this academy; he is memorizing more surahs and duaas. May Allah SWT rewards them for all their efforts of teaching deen & Tarbiya.

Meryem Ammar

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