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Grades 6 - 12


At Ar Raheem Academy, we aim to deliver the best education to our students. Thus, from Grade 4 onwards, our students are enrolled at Greenfield Commonwealth Virtual School (GCVS) that administers the flexibility of both live classroom-based lessons and asynchronous personalized classrooms. GCVS are a fully accredited school, that deliver transformative education whilst offering flexibility that meets rigorous state education standards adhering to the state public schools.


To impart quality secular education to our students, we have made the following arrangements:

Grades 6 to 12: GCVS FLEX


• Online lessons, interactive activities, and virtual classroom sessions in the Online School (OLS).

• Independent activities not on the computer using K12-provided materials, including textbooks and workbooks.

• Interaction with teachers and classmates online and in person. 

• Guidance from their Learning Coach to ensure they are making progress during the day.


Our learning coaches are experienced teachers. They guide the children that are enrolled in Online Home-schooling program. 

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