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Ar-Raheem Academy’s goal is to produce competent Huffaz and protectors of the Noble Qur’an who can fulfill the responsibilities of teaching the Qur’an, leading congregational prayers, and tarāwīh prayers. We employ a proven method for tahfīz which focuses not just on memorization, but retention.


Our method focuses on four aspects:


  • Recitation: before memorizing a new portion, students must first read it under the supervision of the instructor to ensure proper recitation and tajīwd. This ensures that students memorize the new portion correctly.


  • New lesson (sabaq jadīd): once a student is able to recite the new lesson correctly, they will be permitted to memorize it. Each student will be allocated an amount to learn daily based upon their ability. This is then increased as the student becomes more proficient in their ability to memorize.


  • Recent revision (murājaʿah qarīb / sabaq parā): This is the revision of recently learnt lessons, so that it can move from short-term memory to long-term memory.


  • Full revision (murājaʿah baʿīd / dawr): This is a systematic revision of everything a student has learnt. 


We have two levels in our Tahfīz Program:


Pre-Hifz class:

Any new students who join our program will first join our pre-hifz class. Here, they will be set short-term targets and will be assessed on their ability to meet them. Along with this, they will also go through an intensive tajwīd program to ensure they meet the requirements of tajwīd. Thereafter, they will be allowed to join our hifz class. 


Hifz class:

Once a student is promoted from the pre-hifz class, they will then be admitted to our main hifz class. Here, each student is closely monitored for progress and individually tailored support is provided. Our aim is to get each child to memorize 7 to 10 juz a year, while retaining whatever they have already learnt. 

Tahfiz Program

For more information on our courses, rates and availability, feel free to contact us.

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